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Shana-Gae Francis

I am Shana Gae Francis, Founder and CEO of Be A Woman of Purpose LLC (BAWOP) located in Atlanta Georgia. I am from the beautiful Caribbean island, Jamaica.  Over the last five (5), years I have discovered my purpose as an entrepreneur.  I can honestly say that though the  journey has been a rollercoaster one, one thing that I am proud of is having the faith and will power to manifest my dreams/aspirations. One of my favorite quotes are “Little Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision.” -Anonymous


Working as a Beauty Advisor in customer service in 2015 fueled my passion and enthusiasm for cosmetics. This  resulted in creating a cosmetics line known as Posh L’amour Cosmetic LLC, which features an array of beauty products. I started a business without knowing anything about a business. But I took the risk and throughout the journey I have learned so much and I  continue to educate myself on the key strategies required to become a successful entrepreneur.



Added to my passion for the beauty and fashion industry,  I am also an empowering Women’s Advocate ..  I have  an Associate degree in Social Work and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology focusing on (Health and Life Concentration) at Georgia State University. During my educational experience, I have had the pleasure of serving as an intern at a Domestic Violence Center which totally transformed my vision and led to my conceptualization of this Sisterhood/ Empowerment group “Be a Woman of Purpose (BAWOP)” which promotes unity among females and the need to support each other to discover and manifest our individual purpose in life.


I firmly believe that everyone has a unique gift that can be of great impact in living a purposeful life; and with that special gift, one can help to build a strong community. I currently work as a Healthcare professional at two of Atlanta’s top-ranked pediatric Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and an acute community care hospital Piedmont Healthcare while pursuing Master’s studies in Social Work at the University of Georgia (UGA) with a specialized focus on (Micro Practice) Individuals, Families, and group of diverse settings. 

My Mission


My goal is to educate and coach individuals on the importance of discovering and manifesting our purpose/gifts. 



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